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OKA Plus – Fits. Together.

The sofa and table elements of the OKA Plus collection are ideal for casual arrangements in the communication zone, for meetings, short discussions, relaxed working with a laptop or simply for relaxing during the lunch break. Their dimensions are adapted to the partitions of the OKA Pods collection, so that both can be beautifully combined with each other. The OKA Plus sofa elements are available in many fabric collections from well-known manufacturers.
Any combination of sofa
and table elements for
added comfort - OKA Plus.

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Good to combine

Due to the versatility of the collection with its upholstered elements designed as 1-seater and 2-seater as well as the different backrest types and docking elements, entire seating landscapes can be put together which are exactly suitable for your individual application and offer optimal working conditions.
As desired, a clever arrangement of the backrests allows you to configure classic sofas, chaise longues or ottomans. A matching side table provides sufficient storage space for work materials or drinks, for example. Formally, the rounded shape of the sofas is taken up again here.

Set on the corner

The OKA Plus coffee table is available in six different sizes and three heights. The cross-shaped base also allows the table to be placed at the corner of a sofa element or pushed together as a loose group of several tables.

Seamless inserted

The OKA Plus seating elements can be ideally inserted into the OKA Pods movable wall system, creating screened-off quiet zones that can be used for discreet meetings, for example. In this way, work settings can be created in no time at all that offers space for creativity and innovative ideas. The power supply can be conveniently provided via an angle element equipped with electrification.

Technical details OKA Plus:

Choose the suitable accessories for your individual requirements:
OKA Plus detail: Foot on the upholstered element
Foot on the upholstered element
OKA Plus detail: Electrification on the upholstery element
Electrification on the upholstery element
OKA Plus detail: Plate on upholstered element
Plate on upholstered element
OKA Plus detail: Long backrest
Long backrest
OKA Plus detail: Short backrest
Short backrest
OKA Plus detail: Angle backrest
Angle backrest
OKA Plus detail: Coffee Table in three heights
Coffee Table in three heights
OKA Plus detail: Rounded shape of the table
Rounded shape of the table
OKA Plus detail: Gliders on the table
Gliders on the table


Make your suitable color selection:
OKA Color overview
OKA Color overview


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