Your needs and wishes

Our qualified retail partners and planners can help you to analyse your requirements, they can advise you and draw up a solution tailored to you using state-of-the-art CAD planning software. Besides furniture components, lighting, acoustic, wall and floor elements are also included in planning. We can also make the ‘pCon.planner ME’ planning software available to your planning departments or the architects working for you. This software contains the entire range of furniture in digital form. We would also be delighted to demonstrate your future office as a 3D model, giving you a very realistic impression of your future office setting.

Your custom solution

Our diverse range includes a host of different products designed to meet different needs so that the often complex requirements for each individual workplace can be taken into account. Be it desks for different work or meeting situations, storage and reception solutions or screens – our large range of products has exactly what you are looking for. Taking the products chosen by you, the previously planned office zones will then be fitted and combined to form your tailored solution.

Your personal style

The final step is all about surfaces, material, color and add-ons and, not least, about how you wish to be perceived by your staff and the world. Which materials match your corporate image, which colours fit in with your philosophy? What surfaces are needed to create a harmonious, pleasant and inspiring environment that matches your personal style? Our OKA-You platform offers you a large selection of laminates, functional surfaces, such as whiteboards or sound-absorbing solutions and add-ons, all designed to make working easier.

Your satisfaction

After delivery, you can still rely on our quality and service. With our permanent contacts, we warrant no-fuss, fast procedures so that you can focus fully on what you have to do.
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