OKA Acoustic

What does an office furniture manufacturer have to do with acoustics? A whole lot, in our opinion. As everybody knows, we not only feature the highest quality furniture, but also complete office solutions. And one of the foremost factors for laying out modern office landscapes is acoustic quality. Constant changes in communicative behaviour and a distracting level of noise have a much greater effect on people’s performance and power of concentration than things like lighting or the office climate. In other words, this has an immediate impact on the company’s efficiency and economics.

The special thing about OKA’s acoustics strategy is its holistic way of looking at things. On the one hand, we take all of the relevant factors into consideration such as working processes, a balance between communication and concentration, the architectural factors andespecially legislative standards. On the other hand, we apply the optimum ratio of sound absorption solutions to furniture, ceilings and walls. This is how OKA’s acoustics strategy guarantees a high degree of acoustic and visual room quality, boosts people’s performance and motivation while increasing the utility and future value of your real estate.
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