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OKA PlanterBox – Bring nature into your office

With its straight-lined and structured form, the OKA PlanterBox is a plant container that impressively enhances office spaces. Suitable planting arrangements allow it to bring a piece of nature into the most diverse working environments. The PlanterBox’s design is guided by purism; reducing things down to the essentials is what clearly defines it.
  • OKA PlanterBox in Korallenorange und Kobaltgrau mit Mobilauslegern
  • OKA PlanterBox in Perlweiß und Pistaziengrün mit Mobilauslegern
  • OKA PlanterBox in Perlweiß mit Mobilausleger
  • OKA PlanterBox in Perlweiß mit Stellgleitern
  • OKA PlanterBox in Curcumagelb und Kieselgrau mit Stellgleitern
  • OKA PlanterBox Aufsatz in Metallgrau
  • OKA PlanterBox Aufsätze in Perlweiß
Combined with the variety of decors, the clear profile and different sizes open up numerous possibilities with respect to conceptual and design-based planning. For example, the planter from the BaseLine series can be used as a room divider or privacy shield. The mobile version of the PlanterBox can be moved quickly and easily thanks to the castors that are installed in its base. The stand-alone models with adjustable feet—or which can serve as add-on pieces for BaseLine cabinets—offer more design options.

Product features:

  • Stable and durable‎
  • Different installation and usage options
  • Different sizes—can be used for large and small plants
  • Plant inserts made of high-quality polystyrene
  • Fully assembled upon delivery
  • Technical details:

    OKA PlanterBox detail: Castors are recessed (and thus concealed) in the underbody
    Castors are recessed in the underbody
    OKA PlanterBox detail: Adjustable feet
    Adjustable feet
    OKA PlanterBox detail: Planter—plant insert
    Plant insert


    Make your suitable color selection:
    OKA Color overview
    OKA Color overview


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