OKA FlexLine

Modern office environments are about coping with change. Technology is changing — so are organisations, company cultures even society itself. The outcome: contemporary working environments that demand much more than traditional business communication. Sometimes you want all-out communication. Sometimes peace and quiet. OKA FlexLine is an office tool to match the modern work place. Every part of every storage unit has been carefully crafted to complement the working area and provide places to put things. Because there's more to an inspiring workplace than an appealing ambience. What counts are the possibilities for use. Our container program is the answer to your storage questions in design and function.
cabinet under desks with desk top support
Space economic containers with front panel
Space economic HighContainers

Choose from a variety of decors and materials.
Melamine Laminate - W3 Perl white
Melamine Laminate - A1 Light grey
Melamine Laminate - Sand grey
Melamine Laminate – Onyx grey
Melamine Laminate - I4 Metal grey
A0 Dark black - melamine laminate
D0 Alusilver - metal smooth
Melamine Laminate - DV Oliv
Melamine Laminate - W6 Ruby Red
Melamine wood laminate - Ash cappuccino
Melamine wood laminate - A9 Maple
Oak Lindberg - melamine wood laminate
B8 Beech - Melamine wood laminate
I6 Beech cushioned - melamine wood laminate
L8 Pear - Melamine wood laminate
C2 Cherry - Melamine wood laminate
WM Cherry Romana - Melamine wood laminate
C7 Walnut - Melamine wood laminate
LD Oak Mokka - Melamine wood laminate
White maple - Real wood veneer
Oak light - real wood veneer
H6 Beech - Real wood veneer
H1 Pear - Real wood veneer
I5 Walnut - Real wood veneer
TM Bog Oak - Real wood veneer
Ash deep black - Real wood veneer

We offer a wide range of colors to customize the frames.
J2 Pure White - metal smooth
D0 Alusiiver - metal smooth
K5 Chrome glossy - metal smooth
E1 Anthrazit metallic - Metal smooth
I4 Metal grey - Metal smooth
E3 Graphite black - Metal smooth
White Rollo/­Micro 15/­12
Alusilver Rollo/­Micro 15/­12
J2/­GC Pure white - MDF /­ glass painted
Silver - MDF /­ glass painted
Indigo Blue - MDF /­ glass painted
Bordeaux red - MDF /­ glass painted
Metal grey - MDF /­ glass painted
Citrus Green - MDF /­ glass painted
to customize - MDF /­ glass painted
White/­Acoustic Lightboard MR100300
DH Alusilver/­Acoustic Lightboard MR100300
Bow handle
Slat handle square
Slat handle round
Curved handle
Bracket handle
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