OKA DeskTOP offers an innovative third level for the modern desk. The base forms an organisation section that ensures a high levelof stability through an attachment point which is close to the desk without having a disruptive and visible frame, and accommodates more elements above the desktop. It works without privacy screen or noise control elements but can be equipped with these on request, in addition to other freely positionable functional elements. Privacy screen elements are available in three fabric qualities: Camira "Lucia" and "Blazer Lite" as well as Gabriel "Atlantic Screen" and "Rhythm".

Choose from a variety of decors and fabrics.
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 67015
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 68050
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 66015
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 63034
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 61078
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 60025
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 60095
Camira Fabric Blazer Lite - Aspire LTH52
Camira Fabric Blazer Lite - Tender LTH53
Camira Fabric Blazer Lite - Happy LTH55
Camira Fabric Blazer Lite - Haven LTH40
Camira Fabric Blazer Lite - Balance LTH41
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB106
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB107
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB094
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB095
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB096
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB026
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB086
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB009
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB019

We offer a wide range of colors to customize the frames.
J2 Pure White - metal smooth
D0 Alusiiver - metal smooth
E1 Anthrazit metallic - Metal smooth
I4 Metal grey - Metal smooth
E3 Graphite black - Metal smooth
E2 Dark black textured - Metal smooth
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