OKA Puron

What constitutes Puron is the straight elegance with perfect technical and formal execution of all details. Two frames with different ranges of adjustment offer the right solution to meet any requirements: a classic locked O-frame in a fixed position for more sophisticated needs or as conference furniture, or the height-adjustable N-frame as a desk. Whichever design you choose, all of the tables are extremely stable and, thanks to the use of traverse technology, offer plenty of leg room. A manageable and equally comprehensive table system can be put together on the basis of individual tables with the addition of expansion elements and extension tables that can be connected in variable and versatile ways.
N-Frame HE 65-
85cm tube-in-tube,
O-Frame fixed 74cm
rear attachment plate as additional storage shelf
Cable openings for installation of
cables and assembly of elements
on the third level
/­ Netbox Point
Reling as third level
Cable duct can be folded on both sides and have integrated
strain relief /­ vertical cable conduit
PC bracket
PC bracket and equipment tray
Counter screens
Legroom trim panels and screening of smooth melamine,
vaneer, MDF painted or glass (not screening)

Choose from a variety of decors and materials.
W3 Perl white - Melamine Laminate
A1 Light grey - Melamine Laminate
I4 Metal grey - Melamine Laminate
A0 Dark black - melamine laminate
YN Ash cappuccino - Melamine wood laminate
A9 Maple - Melamine wood laminate
B8 Beech - Melamine wood laminate
Light grey - compact top 13mm
I8 White - compact top 13mm
LI Vincenza oak - Melamine laminate
LA Lugano ash - Melamine laminate
LC Lincoln walnut - Melamine laminate
KN Canadian maple - Melamine laminate
TL Tyrolean beech - Melamine laminate
FM Fineline anthracite - Melamine laminate
LJ Hickory Dekor - Melamine laminate
TG Clay grey - Melamine laminate
LO Cobalt grey - Melamine laminate
SO Siena orange - Melamine laminate
SR Signal red - Melamine laminate
KG Kiwi green - Melamine laminate
JG Jade green - Melamine laminate
EG Reed green - Melamine laminate
DN Denim blue - Melamine laminate
NE Misty blue - Melamine laminate
TE Terrazzo grey - Melamine laminate
MS Marble black - Melamine laminate
BX Brushed bronze - Melamine laminate
SV Slate - Melamine laminate
WL Brilliant white - Melamine laminate
SG Dust grey - Melamine laminate

We offer a wide range of colors to customize the frames.
J2 Pure White - metal smooth
D0 Alusiiver - metal smooth
E1 Anthrazit metallic - Metal smooth
I4 Metal grey - Metal smooth
E3 Graphite black - Metal smooth
E2 Dark black textured - Metal smooth
ES Stainless steel - Metal smooth
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