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Protecting employees and customers from a COVID-19 virus infection is currently the top priority. For this reason, we at OKA have developed a range of hygienic protective panels that can be individually adapted to local conditions in terms of size and design. Whether counter tops with hatch for setting up, hygienic protective panels clamped to the side as well as behind the table or protection elements hanging from the ceiling – the acrylic protection walls can be implemented quickly and easily in almost any room.
Offer your employees and customers
additional health protection as
well as occupational safety –
with OKA Protect.

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Hygienic protective panels in the office

Due to increasingly frequent viral diseases, protection against infections caused by droplets in the air has become extremely important - especially at reception desks, counters or checkouts.

However, hygienic protection walls are also a useful form of protection in offices, e.g. when the required distances between workplaces cannot be maintained. A stable, transparent sneeze guard then provides an effective barrier against airborne viruses.

With our OKA Protect hygiene protection panels, you create safe and unobtrusive working conditions for your employees in your company and its work areas.
  • OKA Protect zum freien Aufstellen mit Durchreiche, Standfüße in Edelstahl Metallic
  • OKA Protect zum freien Aufstellen mit Durchreiche, Standfüße in Alusilber
  • OKA Protect mit Tischhalterung in metallgrau – Tischklemme an Tischplatte befestigt
  • OKA Protect mit Tischhalterung in Edelstahl Metallic – Tischklemme an Tischplatte und Rahmengestell befestigt
  • OKA Protect mit Tischhalterung in reinweiß – Tischklemme an Tischplatte und Rahmengestell befestigt
  • OKA Protect in hängender Ausführung
  • OKA Protect Hygieneschutzwand in hängender Ausführung

Product features:

  • ‎Different fastening and use opportunities
  • Different sizes - special sizes on request
  • High quality and very durable acrylic glass (Thickness: 5 mm)
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Light weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Technical details:

    Select a suitable mounting variant for your individual requirement:
    OKA Protect detail – Pedestal in pure white
    OKA Protect detail – clamp on table top (pure white)
    Clamp on table top
    OKA Protect detail – clamp on table top frame (pure white)
    Clamp on table top frame
    OKA Protect detail – stainless steel wire rope suspension
    Stainless steel wire rope suspension


    Make your suitable color selection – for the pedestals and clamps of OKA Protect:
    Metal color J2 Pure white
    J2 Pure white
    Metal color D0 Alusilver
    D0 Alusilver
    Metal color I4 Metal grey
    I4 Metal grey
    Metal color E3 Graphite black
    E3 Graphite black

    Sound and hygiene protection in the office

    In addition to our new hygiene protection system OKA Protect, our screening elements OKA DeskTOP as well as our Red Dot award-winning partition system OKA SpaceLine are also suitable for protecting employees from infectious diseases in the office and maintaining safe distances.

    Due to different heights and widths as well as various variants such as tops and partition panels made of clear or satinfinished acrylic glass, workstations or reception areas can be physically separated. Such a spatial separation not only prevents the risk of infection, but can also help to prevent a company from having to close down completely in the the cases of illness.

    Take advantage of our acoustic solutions to protect your and your employees‘ health and the others.


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