OKA SpaceAbsorber

OKA SpaceAbsorber are our solutions for significantly improved acoustics in the room. The four different products baffle, wall absorber, ceiling absorber and ceiling system absorber not only dampen the sound, but also allow remarkable new forms of expression of the interior design through different functions, sizes and materials.

The frameless absorbers, as well as those with angular and rounded edges, separate work areas, organize rooms and serve as design elements. At the same time, they optimize the spatial sound and thus contribute to balanced, pleasant room acoustics.

Thanks to an intelligent, self-developed technology, OKA SpaceAbsorber do without seams and without adhesives, which makes them 100% recyclable.

Choose from a variety of decors and fabrics.
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 67015
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 68050
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 66015
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 66057
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 63034
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 64094
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 61078
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 60025
Gabriel Fabric Atlantic Screen - 60095
Camira Fabric Blazer Lite - Aspire LTH52
Camira Fabric Blazer Lite - Tender LTH53
Camira Fabric Blazer Lite - Happy LTH55
Camira Fabric Blazer Lite - Haven LTH40
Camira Fabric Blazer Lite - Balance LTH41
Gabriel Fabric Rhythm - 68123
Gabriel Fabric Rhythm - 66138
Gabriel Fabric Rhythm- 68121
Gabriel Fabric Rhythm - 68122
Gabriel Fabric Rhythm - 60165
Gabriel Fabric Rhythm - 63067
Gabriel Fabric Rhythm - 64089
Gabriel Fabric Rhythm - 60025
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB106
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB107
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB094
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB095
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB096
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB026
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB086
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB009
Camira Fabric Lucia - YB019
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