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OKA Planning Examples – Workplace Solutions in Pictures

Modern office design is primarily about creating a place where employees will feel comfortable and thus have a sense of belonging to the company. That’s why various areas should be factored into the planning, in order to promote work and communication but also offer room for regeneration. Team workstations, individual offices, conference rooms, breakout zones, office kitchens ...
Local conditions as well as individual requirements and needs, through which the respective activities and working methods are to be promoted in the best way possible, mean that such a project can very quickly become very complex.

Through our planning examples, we give you insight into how we at OKA resolve such complex requirements. At the same time, we create incentives and show you the possibilities for your office planning.
  • 1/­13: Planning example for coworking space
  • 2/­13: Planning example for open-plan office
  • 3/­13: Planning example for multi-person office
  • 4/­13: Planning example for reception/­meeting space
  • 5/­13: Planning example for meeting/­reception space
  • 6/­13: Planning example for individual workstation/­consulting area
  • 7/­13: Planning example for open-plan office
  • OKA Planungsbeispiel Doppelarbeitsplatz: Tische OKA Jump 2.0
    8/­13: Planning example for multi-person office
  • 9/­13: Planning example for individual workstation
  • 10/­13: Planning example for open-plan office
  • 11/­13: Planning example for double workstation/­meeting area
  • 12/­13: Planning example for meeting space
  • 13/­13: Planning example for individual workstation/­consulting area
Do you need support in designing or redesigning your premises? Is a new building or extension imminent and the concept still has to be worked out? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Whether you’re a specialist, contracting authority, or private individual – our experts are at your side with their years of experience and in-depth knowledge of office furniture planning to analyze your project and carry it out according to your wishes.

We look forward to supporting you!

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