Landesgartenschau Überlingen

Landesgartenschau Überlingen 2020 GmbH is a horticultural show in Überlingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg), which aims to improve and network the gardens and green spaces in the town, as well as landscaping lakes and shores in a manner that is close to nature.
Landesgartenschau Überlingen 2020 GmbH – Villa
Since acquiring a villa in December 2014, the required space has been growing constantly, which led to a second villa being procured and fitted with office furniture in July 2017.

The challenge with this project was, on the one hand, the highly flexible furniture concept based on the theme of ‘nature’ and ‘garden’ and, on the other hand, the incredibly old, listed building with its slanting walls and irregularities.
We devised one part of the solution in the form of a modular system with 100cm-wide system components in timeless white, accentuated with cappuccino ash and carpeted floors in a gravel and moss aesthetic, while the other part was achieved with flooring made up of loosely laid tactiles. The cabinet bases were modified and floor lamps were installed on site. Partner for the project was the Uli Schuh office and communications center, and Ralf Ullman was the consultant from OKA.
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