Hypoport AG

Hypoport AG is a listed financial service provider based in Lübeck and Berlin. It is the parent company of various companies in the credit services, real estate, and insurance sectors. Its shares are listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and have been included in the SDAX index since 2015.
Hypoport AG – Hamburg office
As a member of the Hypoport Group, Dr. Klein AG Hamburg leveraged its relocation to its new Hamburg office to redesign and rearrange the layout of its workspaces, with the aim of boosting concentration levels at work, while at the same time promoting teamwork in the office. The result not only looks great, but is highly functional, too.
Smart zoning through the use of OKA SpaceLine in conjunction with OKA BaseLine and HighContainers for personal storage has created workspaces that have significantly improved the quality of work. In addition, electric height-adjustable standing/­sitting desks from the OKA Jump range play a significant role in managing health and motivating employees. Mobile OKA Trion conference desks meet the flexibility requirements of a modern office and its conference rooms.
With our distinct workspace and storage solutions and the redesign of the reception area with OKA FirstLine, we were the perfect partner for Hypoport AG’s entire project
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