Hamburg Süd

Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft A/­S & Co KG, or Hamburg Süd for short, is one of the world’s leading transport and logistics companies.
Hamburg Süd headquarters—exterior view
Following its renovation and expansion, a new standard of furnishings was required for the company’s headquarters in Hamburg.

The prerequisite for the award of the contract was that the client’s furnishing requirements must be implemented within three weeks.
For workplaces, storage and zoning we offer the best solution for the best-possible use of space, together with unbeatable, reliable delivery. Together with specialist retailer Gärtner Internationale Möbel, we equipped 880 workplaces with electric height-adjustable desks from the Jump series. Personal containers with pull-out drawers, an integrated lighting concept and storage space on 20 floors rounded off the furnishing concept. Around 7,300 pieces of furniture were delivered in 45 trailer trucks and assembled on site.
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