OKA EasyUp Twin

All documents & images of our product OKA EasyUp Twin.

The Kick & Click™-principle


OKA EasyUp / OKA EasyUp Twin catalog
OKA EasyUp /­ OKA EasyUp Twin catalog
OKA EasyUp Operating instructions
OKA EasyUp Operating instructions
OKA Product overview
OKA Product overview


Instruction videos

Desk Control – The software for the stand-sit-workplace
(Download Software)
DPG – Setting the correct table height
DPG – Light strip reminder
DPG – Reset options
DPG – Initialization and setting of the desk
DPG – Using the memory function
DPG – Saving positions and resetting the memory
DPG – Connecting with an app
*(Download App)
* To use the app, a special control element with Bluetooth® wireless technology is required, which is not a standard.
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