Dallmer GmbH & Co. KG

Founded back in 1913 as an engraving company, family-owned company Dallmer successively established itself as a specialist in high-quality drainage technology. In parallel to striving to combine the highest technical and design quality in a design-oriented product range, the company also wanted to bring the message of its brand essence to its premises. The new Dallmer office, with space for administration and production on the top floor of a logistics hall, follows this approach of holistic positioning. From a combination of work organization requirements and additive elements in the interior, a working environment has been created that is perceived as a representative and contemporary hub for the company headquarters.
In the footprint, the top floor is divided into two main areas: an area given over to a combination of reception, management, and conferences – connected directly with the main building by a connecting bridge – which takes up one third of the total floor space, and an open-plan office area.

Flowing transitions between spaces are structured through the weaving in of circulation and communication areas and follow the pronounced longitudinal axis of the building envelope.
The 38 workstations, equipped by OKA with OKA Jump 2.0 gas lift desks and OKA FlexLine roll containers, are positioned in such a way as to allow visual connections with the green outdoor space.
The interior design intervention follows the maxim of respecting the quality and dimension of the new building and, through the exclusive use of additive, space-creating measures, of making the separation of core and shell perceivable. A concentrated range of materials and colors, which picks up on the company’s defined tonalities, divides the footprint into zones and creates “threshold moments” that preserve straight lines and enable conscious entry. The color areas, which run in bands across the floor, wall, ceiling, and furniture, give individual areas a homogeneous, monochrome look in curt contrast with the rough concrete core of the existing building. OKA manufactured sliding door cabinets based on BaseLine and open units with magnetic side panels especially for this environment.
The absence of basic, fixed room boundaries and the defined interactions with the outside determine the feel of the interior design. The striking contrast of all fixtures with the building envelope perceptibly preserves the actual dimensions of the room volume and supports the conceptual openness of the floor plan. The ceiling panels stand out for their striking design as a spatial focus, at one of the classic interfaces of architecture and interior design. Designed as a custom solution, they successfully meet all the necessary technical and acoustical requirements and highest standards. While the workplace lighting is also integrated in the ceiling, the wall panels flanking the circulation routes are staged as abstracted, vertical light columns that add a metaphorical street analogy to the ambiance of the overall space.
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