Computer-Communication Networks GmbH, or CoCoNet for short, is a developer of software for digital banking products and solutions. When planning its new office space at its headquarters in Düsseldorf, the main focus was on employee satisfaction with 120 workplaces over 2,000 m2 (over two floors).
CoCoNet GmbH – Düsseldorf headquarters
For CoCoNet, it was important to provide employees with attractive offices that meet today’s demands of a modern working environment. For this reason, the company opted for an open-space concept with, however, various quiet and recreation areas, including screened-off meeting rooms, think tanks, a cafeteria, and a PlayStation room.
All desks in the work zones are electric height-adjustable desks from the OKA Jump series, which has noticeably improved employees’ well-being. In addition, USB ports and power outlets are integrated in the top of the desks. The conference rooms have been equipped with conference desks from the OKA Meeting series, while OKA Center tables have been used in the cafeteria and think tanks. OKA BaseLine cabinets provide for the necessary storage.
All tabletops of the 120 workplaces are laminated with hickory decor from the OKA Trend Collection, which ultimately proved the decisive factor in winning the contract. The other colors used were selected based on the overall concept and the cooperation between CoCoNet and our specialized trade partner lechner + hayn. A result that is really something to behold.
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