OKA Circle

OKA Circle – dynamic and comfortable

With OKA Circle you bring momentum into your offices! Whether workstations, meeting areas or collective zones, OKA Circle ensures dynamism and sets eye-catching accents. Available in two sizes, the pouf consists of an upholstered foam seat and powder-coated walls made of solid sheet metal. Thanks to a manifold choice of fabrics and colors, original configurations can be created, making the pouf a delight in any environment. A loop emerging from the characterizing sheet metal walls, which acts as a handle, completing the design identity, makes the pouf easy to move.
Clear lines with high comfort at
the same time - stools and side
tables of our series OKA Circle.

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A round thing - The OKA Circle Pouf

The OKA Circle Pouf is characterized on the one hand by its high seating comfort, on the other hand it exudes a charming playfulness that not only finds favor in office landscapes, but also harmonizes in the home. This is supported by the upholstered base, which helps absorb unwanted noise. OKA Circle – flexible and versatile solutions, through which it is possible to create extraordinary ensembles due to the various sizes, colors and fabrics.
Whether alone, as a group, in combination with the Circle side table or in combination with OKA soft seating solutions such as OKA Grow – the OKA Circle stool fits beautifully into almost any environment and provides a modern, relaxed atmosphere with its harmonious proportions and its material and color concept.

he practical loop of the OKA Pouf allows an easy and quick change of place. Made of sturdy nylon and covered with the same fabric of the seat cushion, it also provides a harmonious contrast to the powder-coated metal body.

More than a lounge table - The OKA Circle side table

The OKA Circle side table was developed to match the poufs. With its corrugated body shape, it quotes the unique lines of the pouf. However, it impresses not only with its clear design, but equally with its smart features. The table top, which is made of MDF, is equipped with a wireless charger. In addition, there are USB charging ports embedded in the sheet metal wall as well as a Schuko socket, which leaves nothing to be desired by the user and the lounge table fascinates with its simplicity.
A wireless charger integrated into the tabletop as well as a USB charging socket embedded in the metal body and a 230 V Schuko socket make the OKA Circle side table more than just an ordinary table. Thus, before or during meetings or visits, four devices can be used and charged simultaneously, such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks or powerbanks.

Technical details OKA Circle:

Choose the suitable accessories for your individual requirements:
OKA Circle detail: Nylon loop with fabric cover
Nylon loop with fabric cover
OKA Circle detail: Wireless charger (integrated in table top)
Wireless charger (integrated in table top)
OKA Circle detail: USB charging socket and 230 V Schuko socket (recessed in the body)
USB charging socket and 230 V Schuko socket (recessed in the body)
OKA Circle detail: Body made of welded, powder-coated corrugated sheet metal
Body made of welded, powder-coated corrugated sheet metal
OKA Circle detail: Lacquered MDF table top
Lacquered MDF table top
OKA Circle detail: Padded base for easy movement and sound absorption
Padded base for easy movement and sound absorption
OKA Circle detail: Rounded design language
Rounded design language
OKA Circle detail: Joining of metal body
Joining of metal body


Make your suitable color selection:
OKA Color overview
OKA Color overview


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