OKA Box – various and functional

The OKA Box is a modular shelving system that offers a range of versatile, functional storage elements. The open and closed modules can be hung on the wall or set up in countless compositions, with three different base types made of wood and metal available if required.

Due to the recessed vertical body elements, the shelving system appears light and carefree despite the stable 16 mm panels. Here, the open modules always give an unobstructed view of the objects and allow them to be shown to their best advantage, whereas the closed modules, which can be configured with hinged or flush-opening doors, create order and calm.
Self-stacking shelving system for
standing or hanging. OKA Box - the
individual solution for every room

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Variable kit

Thanks to a clever clamp connection, the OKA Box modules can be expanded horizontally and vertically at any time, so that a sideboard can be turned into a display case in no time at all or entire room dividers can be realised. Depending on the requirements, the individual modules can also be equipped with light or electrification. As a variable kit, OKA Box offers almost endless possibilities to combine the individual modules according to practical and decorative aspects.

Appropriately presented

The individual modules, which are available in six different sizes, can either be positioned freely on the floor or set up using three different base models. In addition to the decor and colors of the boxes, the look and the material of the base largely determine where the respective configuration is used. Whether minimalist, timeless or comfortable, OKA Box offers right pedestal for every environment.

Relaxing wall design

The wide range of possible uses of the OKA Box does not end with the floor-standing modules – there are hardly any limits to creativity even with the hanging variants to create storage space for folders, books, office utensils or decora-tive objects. The boxes are held by a robust, in-house developed wall suspension made of bio-plastic, which impresses with its high load-bearing capacity on the one hand and creates a barely visible connection to the wall on the other.

Technical details OKA Box:

Choose the suitable accessories for your individual requirements:
OKA Box detail: Revolving door with flush front
Revolving door with flush front
OKA Box detail: Revolving door with recessed front
Revolving door with recessed front
OKA Box detail: Module with LED light bar
Module with LED light bar
OKA Box detail: Electrification in the box
Electrification in the box
OKA Box detail: HomeLine base (adjustable foot)
HomeLine base (adjustable foot)
OKA Box detail: FrameWork base (adjustable foot)
FrameWork base (adjustable foot)
OKA Box detail: Solid oak base
Solid oak base
OKA Box detail: Puristic, retro or homely - the three OKA Box base models
Puristic, retro or homely - the three OKA Box base models
OKA Box detail: Plastic connector made of biopolymer
Plastic connector made of biopolymer
OKA Box detail: plastic connector inserted in groove
Plastic connector inserted in groove
OKA Box detail: box on the locking rail
Box on the locking rail
OKA Box detail: Bioplastic wall mounting
Bioplastic wall mounting


Make your suitable color selection:
OKA Color overview
OKA Color overview


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